UK Job Hiring for Practice Nursing - London

Todays UK job hiring is for Nurses. Our client, PRINCIPAL SOURCING is seeking to hire services of a Practice Nurse. Candidates should be experienced, hard-working and has and outstanding communication skills. The salary will be based on experience and qualification. This UK job hiring for Nurses is a full time and permanent job. See the details below for more information about this great opportunity for Nurses to work and live in United Kingdom.


Position: Nurse
Job Category: Health Care
Location: United Kingdom
Education: Diploma
Experience: 1 - 5 Years
Reference Number: HC-0182

  • Reports to the Centre Manager
  • Accountable to: Centre Manager
  • Base Location is in London

Job summary:

  • The post holder is responsible for the delivery of general practice nursing to the whole practice population.
  • The focus of the role is both the delivery of evidence based Practice for patients presenting with a long-term condition, and the provision of preventative health care to the practice population.
  • As an autonomous practitioner, the nurse is responsible for the care delivered.
  • Demonstrating critical thinking and skills in clinical decision-making in the management of patients. They will work collaboratively within the general practice team to meet the needs of patients, support the delivery of Policy and procedures, and provide nurse leadership as required.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Clinical practice
  • Assess, plan, develop, implement and evaluate treatment programs that promote health and well-being
  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual treatment plans for patients with a known long-term condition
  • Proactively identify, diagnose and manage treatment plans for patients at risk

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UK Job Hiring: Staff Nurse Jobs

UK Job Hiring for Staff Nurse Adult Critical Care is now available. Hired Nurses will work and provide Adult Critical Care Nursing. This UK job hiring for Staff Nurse jobs will have the salary of around £34500 - £35500 pa + Negotiable. See this UK job hiring for Staff Nurse jobs below.

Staff Nurse Adult Critical Care

Job Type: Permanent
Location: City of London
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Till 21/08/2009
Salary: £34500 - £35500 pa + Nego
Ref No: 17507-HC0907181_172859
Date Advertised: 21 Jul 2009

The Cedars, Church Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1RQ
Rebecca Andrews - Tel 01233 658040

Job Title: Staff Nurse

Department: Adult Critical Care Department

Job Summary:

The post holder will work as part of the multi disciplinary team and delivering a high standard of patient centred care. They join the team providing Adult Critical Care Nursing service in the hospital. The post holder will be responsible for the assessment of patient care needs and for the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes of care.

Organisational Relationships:

Reports To: Lead Nurse - Critical Care Unit

Responsible To: Chief Nurse

Job Role

1.Summary of duties and responsibilities

1.1 Ensure high standards of care for patients and their families by:
§ delivery and management of direct nursing care
§ ensuring a commitment to patient centred care
§ working with agreed nursing standards
§ being accountable for nursing outcomes
§ enhancing the quality of care by assisting with the management of
change in nursing practice based on evidence/research

1.2Practice multidisciplinary team care and contribute actively towards its successful management
1.3Liaise with the Consultants and SpR's to ensure appropriate clinical management
1.4Ensure that supplies are adequate and equipment is in working order
1.5Manage nursing care and assist with additional management requirements:
§according to planned off duty rota
§as part of personal management experience through individual
§appraisal and personal development plan
§to hold crash bleep 06 when taking charge of Critical Care as a
member of the resuscitation team

1.6 Contribute to the effective management of critical care and departmental staffing by:
adopting a flexible approach to personal off duty rota
assisting with requirements when clinical activity alters
assisting senior nursing staff in the forward planning of absences
participating in effective use of temporary staff
working in other areas within the Paediatric Centre as required

2.Core Functions

2.1Plan, and organise own workload in order to meet patient needs
2.2Participate and assist in developing standards of patient care based on sound research findings
2.3Within a system of case management, co-ordinate and monitor the progress of patient care and to report any variance appropriately
2.4Assist to develop, introduce and apply research-based findings to nursing practice.
2.5Proactively assist the Nursing Team in audit and quality assurance programmes
2.6Act at all times as the patient/staff advocate
2.7Act as a professional resource across the organisation
2.8Work according to the NMC Code of Professional Conduct and adhere to the NMC Scope of Professional Practice as agreed by the hospital
2.9Understand implications of Clinical Governance and adhere to hospital clinical risk management policy and recommendations
2.10Ensure the correct storage and administration of medications in accordance with the hospital policies and ensure the safe handling of drug keys at all times
2.11Adopt the correct administrative procedures when dealing with complaints from patients/relatives, ordering transport, purchasing etc. following set policies and procedures

3. General Functions

3.1Maintain confidentiality of information regarding patients, families and friends at all times
3.2Be aware and conversant with the Health and Safety at work Act (1974) and Data Protection Act (1998) to ensure a secure and safe environment for patients, visitors and colleagues
3.3Be aware of, and conversant with all hospital and emergency policies and procedures, e.g. Health and Safety, Fire, Code Blue, and Bomb Alert - and to attend all mandatory study days
3.4Exercise the use of universal precautions in all care environments to protect self and others from risk of infection or injury
3.5Communicate and liaise with the MDT
3.6Act at all times as the patient/staff advocate
3.7The post holder will be subject to performance appraisal under the IPR system and in developing his/her own objectives.

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